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Sweaty (Adult Size)

Team Sweaty (Adult Size)
Contact Ulrich E. Hochberg
Postal address Univ. Appl. Sci. | Offenburg | Badstr. 24 | 77652 Offenburg |
Video https://youtu.be/uvfe9nT64_A
Team description paper Sweaty_Humanoid_AdultSize_2016_TDP.pdf
Title: The Sweaty 2016 RoboCup Humanoid Adult Size Team Description
Authors: Hochberg, Ulrich et. al.
Abstract: This paper describes the new Sweaty II humanoid adult size robot trying to qualify for the RoboCup 2016 adult size humanoid com- petition. Based on experiences during RoboCup 2014, the Sweaty robot has been completely redesigned to a new robot Sweaty II. A major change is the use of linear actuators for the legs. Another characteristic is its indirect actuation by means of rods. This allows a variable transmission ratio depending on the angle of a joint.
Robot specifications Sweaty_Humanoid_AdultSize_2016_Specs.pdf

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