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CIT Brains (Kids) (Kid Size)

Team CIT Brains (Kids) (Kid Size)
Contact Yasuo Hayashibara
Postal address 2-17-1, Tsudanuma, Narashino, Chiba, JAPAN |
Video https://youtu.be/q1FH93icuHk
Team description paper CIT_Brains_Kids_Humanoid_KidSize_2016_TDP.pdf
Title: CIT Brains (Kid Size League)
Authors: Yasuo Hayashibara
Abstract: In this paper, we describe the system design by our Team, CITBrains, for the RoboCup soccer kid size humanoid league. We have been participating the Humanoid League for ten years. Four years ago, we redesign the system in which we put a large weight on maintainability and usability. In RoboCup2015, we got first prize on 4on4 soccer and technical challenge. The system we developed has high mobility, high speed, strong kicks, well-designed control system, position estimation by a monocular camera and user-friendly interface. We explain the modification of the mechanism for stable walking and standing up on the artificial grass. Furthermore, we discuss the method to detect the new soccer ball.
Robot specifications CIT_Brains_Kids_Humanoid_KidSize_2016_Specs.pdf

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