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RoBIU (Kid Size (regular and drop-in))

Team RoBIU (Kid Size (regular and drop-in))
Contact Gil Pinsky
Postal address Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Engineering | 52900 Ramat-Gan, Israel |
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKgGbhbaH30
Team description paper RoBIU_Humanoid_KidSize_regularanddrop_in_2017_TDP.pdf
Title: Team RoBIU
Authors: @MISC {Pinsky+Brauner+Mantzur+Munk, author = "Gil Pinsky and Ireman Brauner and Barak Mantzur and Elyasaf Munk" }
Abstract: Team RoBIU was founded in 2010. The team consists of under- graduate students from Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Engineer- ing. This paper presents an overview description of the hardware and soft- ware layer of the kidsize humanoid robots of RoBIU team. The fol- lowing documents describe the robots hardware speci cations and a high level description of the various software algorithms, including real- time image processing, stabilization, sensors and camera based localiza- tion, debug features, robot agents inter-communication and high-level behaviours implementation.
Robot specifications RoBIU_Humanoid_KidSize_regularanddrop_in_2017_Specs.pdf

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