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Team KIS (Adult Size (regular))

Team Team KIS (Adult Size (regular))
Contact Yasuo Hayashibara
Postal address 2-17-1, Tsudanuma, Narashino, Chiba, JAPAN
Video https://youtu.be/zSspMXcbzlg
Team description paper Team_KIS_Humanoid_AdultSize_regular_2017_TDP.pdf
Title: Team KIS
Authors: Yasuo Hayashibara
Abstract: In this paper, we describe a robot system for the RoboCup soccer adult size humanoid league. There are still many challenges to build the human-size soccer robot. One of the most important challenge is the robust mechanism against the external impact force. For example, when the tall robot fall down, the mechanism will be broken. Especially, the gear attached to the motor is sometimes broken. To solve the problem, we propose a novel geared motor system which contain a shock absorbing mechanism. Furthermore, we develop an light-weight eccentric oscillating speed reducer made by plastics. We introduce the novel servo motor system and show the effectiveness of the mechanism by the experiments.
Robot specifications Team_KIS_Humanoid_AdultSize_regular_2017_Specs.pdf

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