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THMOS (Kid Size (regular and drop-in))

Team THMOS (Kid Size (regular and drop-in))
Contact Pei Ben
Postal address 6#201A,Tsinghua University,Haidian District,Beijing,China
Video https://youtu.be/Bvek3WKsnVU
Team description paper THMOS_Humanoid_KidSize_regularanddrop_in_2017_TDP.pdf
Title: THMOS2017
Authors: Pei Ben&Chen jiakai&Shi xunlei&Zhang wenzhe
Abstract: This paper describes the design of the robot “MOS series” and the improvements of robot MOS2017, which is based on MOS2016. MOS2017 robots are used as a vehicle for humanoid robotics research on multiple areas such as stability and control of dynamic walking, external sensing abilities and behavior control strategies. Compared with the MOS2016, the robot has some changes to run more steady and more efficient, MOS2017 will be used in RoboCup 2017 competitions.
Robot specifications THMOS_Humanoid_KidSize_regularanddrop_in_2017_Specs.pdf

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