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EROS Team (Kid Size (regular and drop-in))

Team EROS Team (Kid Size (regular and drop-in))
Contact Achmad Subhan Khalilullah
Postal address Jl. Raya kampus ITS Keputih-Mulyosari, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60111
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDz4Ikbq8Yo
Team description paper EROS_Team_Humanoid_KidSize_regularanddrop_in_2017_TDP.pdf
Title: EROS Team TDP
Authors: Achmad Subhan Khalilullah
Abstract: RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig use field with artificial grass surface, the size and weight of the ball Fifa-1 with 50 percent white, and each wicket white. Almost all robots including EROS difficult to walk on the surface of artificial grass, it becomes easy to fall and kicking power is not strong enough. Very chaotic situation around the field such as many objects have similar color and shape of an object on the field make the robot sometimes confused to determine the original object. In this paper presented some improvements and changes to the system architecture of our robot, mechanical improvement especially on its leg , adding the system odometer by combining footsteps and sensor inertial, in the image processing method Hough transform is applied in the process of object segmentation combined with the selection of templates bas ed on location. The experimental results obtained running stability maximum speed 25cm / sec and kicking power has just increased, while the vision system is able to recognize objects well.
Robot specifications EROS_Team_Humanoid_KidSize_regularanddrop_in_2017_Specs.pdf

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