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SEU-UniRobot (Kid Size (regular and drop-in))

Team SEU-UniRobot (Kid Size (regular and drop-in))
Contact Haidan Gao
Postal address Room A-106,Tao Garden Building 3 | Jiulong Lake Campus´╝îSoutheast University | Nanjing,211189,Jiangsu Province | P.R.China |
Video http://youtu.be/Fr9Y58_dFvs
Team description paper SEU_UniRobot_Humanoid_KidSize_regularanddrop_in_2017_TDP.pdf
Title: SEU-UniRobot Team Description Paper
Authors: \author{Haidan Gao \and Peng Wu \and Shiyu Ying \and Wei Zhou}
Abstract: This document describes the current system of kid size humanoid robot designed by our team, SEU-UniRobot, for the RoboCup 2017 competition in Nagoya, Japan. We have participated in the last competition in Leipzig, Germany and had an over-all update afterwards. Thus some changes implemented in robotic mechanical structure and software architecture will be demonstrated in this paper. Moreover, we look forward to accumulating more experience and getting a better result.
Robot specifications SEU_UniRobot_Humanoid_KidSize_regularanddrop_in_2017_Specs.pdf

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