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ICHIRO (Kid Size (regular and drop-in))

Team ICHIRO (Kid Size (regular and drop-in))
Contact Satria Hafizhuddin
Postal address Jl. Raya ITS, Keputih, Sukolilo, Keputih, Sukolilo, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60111
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZGz8BhkHPo
Team description paper ICHIRO_Humanoid_KidSize_regularanddrop_in_2017_TDP.pdf
Title: ICHIRO TEAM - Team Description Paper Humanoid KidSize League of Robocup 2017
Authors: Muhtadin, Muhammad Arifin, Satria Hafizhuddin, Muhammad Reza Ar Razi, Dhany Satrio Wicaksono, Tommy Pratama, Vrenky Meidianto, Anas Mufid Nurrochman, Agatha Putri Adwitya, Ba‘da Maulidia Rizqi Putri
Abstract: This paper explains briefly about the design of Ichiro’s Robots. Ichiro’s Robots using platform of Darwin who has change a lot of modifications on the hardware and software to adjust the development of the game rules in RoboCup, which is about the use of artificial grass, the use of balls with FIFA standards and the goalkeeper that both have the same color, the white color. By implementing several methods of trajectory planning pattern and optimization algorithms, the robot can walk on artificial grass with the capability of running speed is 25 cm / sec. In the vision capabilities, we optimize the algorithm using various methods so that the robot can detect and distinguish between the ball and the goal which have the same color. Several algorithms and behavioral strategies robots have been prepared for Robocup 2017.
Robot specifications ICHIRO_Humanoid_KidSize_regularanddrop_in_2017_Specs.pdf

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