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ZSTT (Adult Size (regular+drop-in))

Team ZSTT (Adult Size (regular+drop-in))
Contact Jacky Baltes
Postal address No.162, Sec.1, Heping E Rd, Taipei city, 10610, Taiwan
Video https://youtu.be/2ftu-8SJde0
Team description paper ZSTT_Humanoid_AdultSize_regular_drop_in_2018_TDP.pdf
Title: RoboCup 2018 - TDP Team ZSTT
Authors: {Jaesik Jeong, Jeehyun Yang, Yougsup Oh, Hyunah Kim, Amirali Setaieshi, Sourosh Sedeghnejad, Jacky Baltes}
Abstract: This team description paper describes the hardware and soft- ware of the new joint team ZSTT-AUT as well as their previous contribution to research. This team is a joint team between ZSTT (Taiwan and Korea) and Amirkabir University of Technology (Iran). Team ZSTT participated in adult-size RoboCup humanoid league for the rst time in 2017. But ZSTT was ranked 4th place in 2017, showing the potential possibility of humanoid robot development. AUT has a long history in humanoid robot soccer and was successful in previous RoboCup com- petitions. ZSTT-AUT has made great progress since last year. This paper explains the hardware, software, and design of the humanoid robots at RoboCup 2018 to be held this year in Montreal.
Robot specifications ZSTT_Humanoid_AdultSize_regular_drop_in_2018_Specs.pdf

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