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SEU-UniRobot (Kid Size (regular+drop-in))

Team SEU-UniRobot (Kid Size (regular+drop-in))
Contact Qizhou Guo
Postal address Room C-330,Tao Garden Building 3 | Jiulong Lake Campus,Southeast University | Nanjing,211189,Jiangsu Province P.R.China |
Video http://youtu.be/2EW-V7-usxQ
Team description paper SEU_UniRobot_Humanoid_KidSize_regular_drop_in_2018_TDP.pdf
Title: SEU-UniRobot Team Description Paper Robocup 2018 Humanoid Kid-Size
Authors: author={Haidan Gao and Chuan Liu and Peng Wu and Le Zhang and Guidong Liu and Yu Wang and Qizhou Guo Jiegen Shi and Wenhao Fan and Huwei Hu and Lintao Dong and Peiyu Tian}
Abstract: This paper presents the general hardware and software designs of the the Robocup Kid-size division team SEU-UniRobot for the Robocup 2018 competition in Montreal, Canada. A series of improvements will be discussed with an emphsis on robust field line identification and more accurate self-localization. In the end we will describe some problems we are working on.
Robot specifications SEU_UniRobot_Humanoid_KidSize_regular_drop_in_2018_Specs.pdf

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