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MRL-HSL (Teen Size (regular+drop-in))

Team MRL-HSL (Teen Size (regular+drop-in))
Contact Meisam Teimouri
Postal address Qazvin Islamic Azad University - nokhbegan Blvd. qazvin. iran
Video https://youtu.be/s-AB0FBn1Ug
Team description paper MRL_HSL_Humanoid_TeenSize_regular_drop_in_2018_TDP.pdf
Title: MRL Team Description Paper for Humanoid TeenSize League of RoboCup 2018
Authors: Meisam Teimouri, Alireza Fatehi, Hamed Mahmoudi, Soheil Khatibi, Alireza Mo-hafezatkar, Bit Alaee, Saeed Tafazol, Saeed Bazargan, Alireza Karimi, Mohammad Rahmani
Abstract: This team description paper presents the specifications of the MRL TeenSize hu-manoid robot system which contains different parts including system overview, robot vision, world modeling and motion control. MRL humanoid team is devel-oped under the RoboCup 2018 rules to participate in the TeenSize humanoid soc-cer league competition in Montreal, Canada and we will introduce a referee with sufficient knowledge of the rules available during the competitions. We use self-designed and self-constructed robots to participate in the competitions.
Robot specifications MRL_HSL_Humanoid_TeenSize_regular_drop_in_2018_Specs.pdf

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