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WF Wolves & Hamburg Bit-Bots (Tees Size (regular+drop-in))

Team WF Wolves & Hamburg Bit-Bots (Tees Size (regular+drop-in))
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Postal address Ostfalia Hochschule fuer angewandte Wissenschaften Salzdahlumer Strasse 46/48 38302 Wolfenbuettel
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvkoCyO1OJ8
Team description paper WF_Wolves_Hamburg_Bit_Bots_Humanoid_TeenSize_regular_drop_in_2018_TDP.pdf
Title: F Wolves & Hamburg Bit-Bots Team Description for RoboCup
Authors: Marc Bestmann and Niklas Fiedler and Alexander Gabel and Jasper Gldenstein and Niklas Hamann and Judith Hartfill and Tanja Heuer and Jessica Jobski and Tom Lorenz and Maike Paetzel and Martin Poppinga and Dennis Reher and Bente Reichardt and Nils Rokita and Ivan David Riao Salamanca and Oliver Sengpiel and Daniel Speck and Sebastian Stelter and Frank Stiddien and Natasza Szczypien
Abstract: WF Wolves & Hamburg Bit-Bots Team Description for RoboCup 2act. In this team description paper the joint team WF Wolves & Hamburg Bit-Bots, their robots, and current research status are intro- duced. With the collaborative work for a standardized software frame- work for humanoid robots based on a ROS framework, a joint team should show advantages of using this framework. As a new research topic, the Bit-Bots focused on Neural Networks for bio-inspired image process- ing which was adopted by the WF Wolves. Additionally, the hardware and software of the robots are specified in detail for the robots. Hereby the joint team Bit-Bots and WF Wolves apply for participation at the RoboCup 2018 for Team Competition in Montreal, Canada. This Paper is similar to [1] except that the later intodruced Minibot is not viable for the TeenSize League. Although this team is a joined team, each sub team will participate with 4 robots each.
Robot specifications WF_Wolves_Hamburg_Bit_Bots_Humanoid_TeenSize_regular_drop_in_2018_Specs.pdf

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