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MRL-HSL (Kid Size)

Team MRL-HSL (Kid Size)
Contact Meisam Teimouri
Postal address Qazvin Islamic Azad University - nokhbegan Blvd. qazvin. iran
Video https://youtu.be/rQ0CjlOGykA
Team description paper MRL_HSL_Humanoid_KidSize_2016_TDP.pdf
Title: MRL Team Description Paper for Humanoid KidSize League of RoboCup 2016
Authors: Mostafa E. Salehi and Meisam Teimouri and Amir Salimi and M. Hosein Gholampour and M. Saeed Yousefi and Morteza Aghazamani and Ashkan Farhadi
Abstract: This team description paper presents the specifications of the MRL kidsize humanoid robot system which contains different parts including robot vision, motion control, world modeling, self-localization, and behavior. MRL humanoid team is developed under the RoboCup 2016 rules to participate in the kidsize humanoid soccer league competition in Leipzig, the Germany and like the last years we will introduce a referee with sufficient knowledge of the rules available during the competitions. We use DARwIn-OP as our base platform and we have modified this platform in architecture, vision, motion control, world modeling, self-localization, behavior, and also the robot embedded operating system as will be discussed in the related sections. Keywords: RoboCup, Kidsize Humanoid League, Bipedal Locomotion, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded System Design
Robot specifications MRL_HSL_Humanoid_KidSize_2016_Specs.pdf

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