Call for Participation

                 Call for Participation

            Robocup 2008 Humanoid Robot League 

   July 14-20, 2008 (Suzhou, China)

The interested team must provide the following qualification material 
for evaluation to the technical committee of the humanoid robot league.

1. A video of a demonstration of sufficient skills of your team's
autonomous, soccer playing humanoid robots. 
No video means no qualification. 
Namely the following skill must be demonstrated in the video:
- localization of unknown ball position,
- walking ability towards the ball,
- robot positioning at the ball for kicking,
- kicking the ball towards the goal,
- ability of getting up autonomously from a fall.
Please make sure that the video is in a widely used, standard format and
can be displayed with a standard viewer easily!

2) A Team description paper which fully describes your humanoid robot
system. The paper must be concise and should not be longer than 6 pages.
Please use the LNCS format as your guideline. The LNCS format for 
proceedings can be downloaded from
The LNCS format is available for LaTeX and Word.
Other formats will be rejected.

3) A one-page specifications page that includes the followings:
- Robot picture
- Robot name
- Number of degree of freedom
- Computing unit
- Walking speed
- Camera
- Sensors
- Other specs.

Deadline for submission: *** February 1, 2008 ***

Announcement of qualified teams: February 15, 2008

- The technical details on how and where to submit all qualifying material
  will be announced later.

On behalf of the Technical Committe,
Pasan Kulvanit, Oskar von Stryk