Special Offers

Research institutes and companies produced the following special offers to buy hardware products to be used for the RoboCup 2022 competition at a reduced price or under other special conditions. Hardware products can either be full robot platforms or relevant hardware parts needed for building RC-HL robots.

Please contact the TCs using the e-mail list rc-hl-tc<AT>lists.robocup.org

Rhoban, Bordeaux University

Institution:Rhoban, Bordeaux University
Contact:Olivier Ly – ly@labri.fr / team@rhoban.com
Description of the offer:The Rhoban Football Club proposes a fully assembled Sigmaban+ Robot (upgrade of the Sydney version), ready to play for RoboCup2022. Price per robot is 30K € including a case for protection, 100K € for a read-to-play team. The source code we used during final is available along with install instruction at https://github.com/Rhoban/kid_size_public/tree/public_2019
Offers valid until:February 28th, 2022

RobotShop inc.

Institution:RobotShop inc. (www.robotshop.com)
Contact:To get the coupon code to be used at checkout please contact TCs.
Description of the offer:30% discount code valid on products from the category: https://www.robotshop.com/en/lynxmotion-ses-v2-parts.html
Offers valid until:March 1st, 2022


Institution:ROBOTIS (http://en.robotis.com)
Contact:To get the coupon code to be sent to ROBOTIS at contactus2@robotis.com please contact TCs.
Description of the offer:DYNAMIXEL X Series (XM & XH series) at a 20% discount. (1-year basic warranty is included)
Please note that the quoted prices do not include shipping, tax, any local customs or handling charges.
Offers valid until:April 29th, 2022