Call for Participation

Call for Participation

RoboCup 2012 Humanoid League

June 18-24, 2012 (Mexico City, Mexico)

The RoboCup humanoid league is inviting interested teams to apply for participation at the RoboCup 2012 competition in Mexico City. The humanoid league will host competitions in three classes: kid, teen, and adult sized robots. For more information about the humanoid league, please refer to the humanoid league home page at

Due to restrictions on the number of teams able to participate at RoboCup 2012, all teams must provide the qualification material described below. The technical committee will evaluate the qualification material and select the best teams.

  1. Team Data
    • Team name
    • URL of the team’s home page
    • Name of team leader or team contact person
    • E-mail address of team leader or contact person
    • Postal address of the team, team leader or contact person
    • Competition class: kid or teen or adult size

    Please note that teams applying for participation in several classes must submit individual application material for each class and pay the appropriate registration fee for each class. Furthermore, teams in different classes must be able independent and able to compete at the same time.

  2. Robot Video
    The first part of the qualification material is a video of your robot demonstrating your team’s autonomous soccer playing skills.
    The minimum standard for qualification is:

    • localization of unknown ball position,
    • walking ability towards the ball,
    • robot positioning at the ball for kicking,
    • kicking the ball towards the goal,
    • ability of getting up autonomously from a fall.

    However, more complex and intelligent behavior of teams of robots demonstrating localization and team play are preferred. Videos of your team during competition are also good.
    The qualification video must be supplied as a link to it via The maximum duration of the video is 5 minutes. The qualifying team is responsible to ensure that the video adheres to YouTube’s TOS (especially in regards to music copyright) to prevent the video from being blocked for the reviewers.
    No video means no qualification!

  3. Team Description Paper
    A team description paper (TDP) must be submitted which:

    • includes a statement committing to participate in the RoboCup 2012 Humanoid League competition,
    • includes a statement committing to making a person with sufficient knowledge of the rules available as referee during the competition,
    • fully describes the scientific aspects of your humanoid robot system and your research interests,
    • includes a summary of previous relevant achievements in research and development as well as publications,
    • mentions prior performance in RoboCup competitions
    • states explicitly whether software from other teams is used and if yes, which parts are used and what the team’s own contributions are

    The TDP is limited to 8 pages maximum. It must be original work.
    The TDP must follow the LNCS format which can be downloaded from here
    The paper must be submitted in PDF format.
    The quality of the TDP and the robot video will be decisive for qualification.
    Other evaluation criteria include contributions to the RoboCup community by release of significant papers or software.
    New teams and teams from countries that have not previously taken part in RoboCup competitions may be given priority.
    In the future, the TC may include the fulfillment of the statement of commitment of participation as well as the performance of the team’s referee in previous RoboCups.

  4. Robot Specification
    A one-page specification (PDF) for each different type of humanoid robot used by the team that includes the followings:

    • Robot picture
    • Robot name
    • Height of the robot
    • Weight of the robot
    • Walking speed
    • Number of degrees of freedom
    • Type of motors
    • Type of sensors used (incl. type of camera(s))
    • Computing unit(s)
    • Other specs
  5. Online Submission
    All qualification material must be submitted online at application page will open before January 2012.)
  6. Deadline
    Deadline extended for submission in Teen Size and Adult Size Class: * February 29, 2012 *
    Announcement of qualified teams: TBD
  7. Publication
    Please note that after the announcement of the qualified teams the qualification material of the qualified teams will be made publicly available. Teams applying for participation therefore grant the right of publication of their qualification material to the humanoid league.
  8. Rules
    The rules of the RoboCup 2012 Humanoid League are discussed at and will be published at
  9. DARwIn OP
    ROBOTIS ( provides an offer for selected humanoid RoboCup teams to purchase a set of DARwIn-OP robots for a reduced price. ROBOTIS offers teams that intend to participate in RoboCup 2012 to purchase five robots for the price of four – that is $38,400 (4*$9,600USD) for a team of five DARwIn-OP (Academic Edition) robots. Please note that the quoted price does not include shipping and handling charges.
    Teams that are interested in this offer need to apply for this offer by December 31st. Selected teams will be able to buy the robots under the special offer until the middle of February. (

With best regards,

Technical and Organization Committees of RoboCup Humanoid League 2012

P.S. Special thanks go to Thomas Roefer and Tim Laurinat from DFKI Bremen for their support of the HL submission and web page.