Virtual RoHOW 2020

Virtual Humanoid RoboCup Open Workshops

25th to 28th of June

What makes RoboCup an important event for many research groups across the world is not just the opportunity to test their solutions and compete against other teams – it is also the strong community in which collaborations are started, new ideas get discussed and problems solved.

Especially during a time with many conferences being cancelled, we would like to use the time that we all blocked in our calendars for RoboCup 2020 and create an online workspace for the RoboCup Humanoid community to get together, pitch ideas and socialize as much as possible.

The event will be held entirely online and will be free of charge. Everyone, regardless of whether they were accepted to participate in the RoboCup Humanoid League is welcome.  The workshops and activities will mostly be scheduled during daytime CET (which is the time zone Bordeaux is in), but we will try to accommodate teams in different time zones as well.

Workshops & Activities

The core of the Virtual RoHOW will be a series of online activities, organized by teams or individual team members for other teams or a broader scientific audience. Activities can be of different length and format anywhere between 5 min lightning talks to half-day long workshops. They can be theoretical or practical, involve one person teaching others about a certain topic, or a group coming together to discuss new solutions to a certain topic. We will, of course, not be able to put together a diverse workshop and activity program without the help of the community. We thus encourage all teams and researchers to think about talks or sessions they would like to host, get in touch with others to propose events together and then, of course, participate in activities hosted by others.

Interested in organizing an activity? More details can be found in the Call for Activities.

Interested in attending? The event program will be released here.

Community Workspace

In addition to coming together during the activities, we would like to encourage all teams to make use of the original time dedicated to RoboCup 2020 to keep working on their robots, get a head start for RoboCup 2021 and engage with other teams in a more informal way to pitch ideas and socialize. To create some virtual workspace, we will reorganize the league’s Discord Server and create a voice and text channel for each team. We encourage all teams, regardless of whether they are still working remotely or decide to spend the time their your lab together to make use of the Discord server and visit and get in touch with other teams.