Call for Participation

As  announced  earlier: The material submitted for
the pre-registration will be evaluated in a qualification process. All
teams that intend to participate at any of the the Humanoid League
competitions at RoboCup 2007 must pre-register in the way described
below and undergo the qualification process.

Please visit the pre-registration page at

Please apply for an account and fill out the following forms:
1. The pre-registration form for each team
2. For each type of robot you want to use in the competition: the robot
type form

Deadline for pre-registration: January 19th, 2007
Notification of acceptance: Until Feb. 12th

In the pre-registration form you are going to be asked to submit a link
to a location where we can download your team description paper (TDP)
and a video. That server must be up and reachable at any time between
January 18th and February 9th.

One group (one institution, one disjunct set of people) can only apply
as one team in the KidSize class and/or one team in the TeenSize class.
We are not going to  accept double teams in the same size class.


Criteria for the qualification are the following:
1. The video of  a regular Penalty Kick - no PK video means no qualification

Note: It has to be demonstrated a regular penalty kick - striker part -,
demonstration of sufficient skills in
(1) localization of unknown ball position,
(2) walking ability towards the ball,
(3) robot positioning at the ball for kicking,
(4) kicking the ball.

2. Team Description Paper.

The TDP is reviewed according to the following criteria: Formal
correctness (right tex-style, English text in full
sentences etc.), technical soundness, extras (really original
work parts.

3. correct and complete answers to our prepared questions
about teams & specs in the online questionaire.

Published Dec 22, 2006 at