The mock-competition is an opportunity for teams and the organizers to test the virtual competition setup under realistic conditions. It will be held from June 4th to June 6th, 2021.

Streaming news

All games will be streamed on the league’s Twitch channel.

Note: On Friday, we will use this Twitch channel for streaming instead.

Saturday, June 5th:

We will be streaming the penalty shoot-out test of Bit-Bots vs. CITBrains on the humanoid twitch streaming channel at 22:45 (CEST time)

Sunday, June 6th:

  • We will stream the penalty shoot-out test of 01.RFC Berlin vs. Starkit at 14:00 (CEST time)
  • We will stream the CIT Brains vs Bit-Bots short game at 17:00 (CEST time)
  • We will stream another short game at 17:30 (CEST time)


The schedule below details when the games will be streamed on the Twitch channel. Teams need to submit the latest version of the robot control software 4 hours before the schedule streaming time for Round Robin (RR) games and Penalty Shoot-outs (P) and 7 hours before knock-out matches (KO).

The team that is mentioned first always plays in color red.

Friday, June 4th

* Both teams were not able to play at the scheduled time.

Time (CEST)LeagueIDEventStatusResultSPublic LoG
10:30 – 11:00AllM1Welcome to the mock-competition
11:00 – 11:30KidRR1RoboFEI vs StarkitPOSTPONED to June 5th
11:30 – 12:00KidRR2NUbots vs MRL-HSLPOSTPONED to June 5th
12:00 – 12:30AdultRR3HERoEHS vs HERoEHSCANCELLED
16:30 – 16:45KidP1UTRA vs 01. RFC BerlinFINISHED0:0 (UTRA won by coin flip)Log
17:00 – 17:15KidP3EDROMCANCELLED
17:30 – 18:30AllM2Team leader meeting, debrief of first day
18:30 – 18:45KidP2CIT Brains vs Bit-BotsFINISHED0:0 (Bit-Bots won by coin flip)Log

Saturday, June 5th

League ID Event ResulTs Public LoG
Kid RR1 UTRA vs CIT Brains   Log
Kid RR2 Bit-Bots vs CIT Brains   Log
All M3 Team leader meeting, debrief of second day    

Sunday, June 6th

KidRR10.1 RFC Berlin vs Starkit Log
KidRR2CIT Brains vs Bit-BotsLog
KidRR301.RFC Berlin vs CIT BrainsLog
KidRR4Bit-Bots vs 01.RFC BerlinLog
KidRR5StarKit vs UTRALog
AllM3Team leader meeting, debrief of third day  


The main platform for communication between teams and the organizers will be the league’s Discord channel. The organizers will use the #announcements channel to make important announcements for all teams during the mock-competition. The #bug-reports channel is for teams to report bugs in the general competition infrastructure, the Webots simulator, or the AutoReferee. #questions-discussions (text) as well as Field-C (voice) can be used for general talk between teams and/or organizers. In the #robot-model-changes channel teams can request that a new version of their robot model is used for the next game played during the mock-competition.

The organizers on duty will be available in the Organizers voice channel and teams are welcome to join and ask questions there. Please abstain from asking questions and reaching out to individual organizers unless they have reached out to you by DM first. Not all organizers will be on duty during the mock-competition at all times – by reaching out to individual organizers you may hence face a delay in the response.

Each team participating in the mock-competition has a voice channel that is only visible to them and the organizers. This can be used for team-internal discussions and coding as well as meetings with the organizers.

Team leader meetings will be held on Field-C in the Discord channel. The welcome and closing of the competition will be streamed on Twitch.

Robot Models and Robot Control Software

Teams are allowed to play with the most recent robot models they have available. The Technical committee will pull the robot models of each team on June 3rd at 4pm CEST. If teams make adjustments to the robot models afterward, they need to upload the latest version to the submission system and announce the changes they made in the #robot-model-changes Discord channel.

The robot control software needs to be submitted to the organizers as Docker images via the official container registry. Team leaders of all participating teams have received their access keys for the container registry.

Log Files

The public game logs will be made available via link in the game schedule after the game was streamed.

To receive their private robot logs (up to 10 GB per robot), teams need to provide the organizers access to a AWS S3 storage instance or an FTP server. The access data need to be provided as a JSON file uploaded to the humanoid league submission system. Please note that we require teams to provide us with this JSON file latest by June 3rd 4pm CEST. Further details can be found in the robot model specifications.

Logs of the testing phases

League Team Test Public LoG
Kid Bit-Bots Walking Test (passed) Log 1
Kid Starkit Connection Test (passed) Log 1, Log 2, Log 3, Log 4
Kid CIT Brains Walking Test (passed) Log 1
Kid UTRA Walking Test (passed) Log 1, Log 2
Kid 01. RFC Berlin Connection Test (passed) Log 1
    Walking Test (passed) Log 1, Log 2
Kid RoboFEI Connection Test (passed) Log 1
Walking Test (passed) Log 1
Kid NUBots Connection Test (passed) Log 1