Time Schedule

Time Schedule

This page gives an overview of the time schedule leading up to the Virtual RoboCup 2021.


15th [HSC/ HRD]
Rule draft published; first CfP sent out to the research community

A meeting with interested individuals from the humanoid league will be organized to discuss further requirements for providing a valid robot model and how the validity of robot models can be evaluated semi-automatically (date for a first meeting will be announced soon).

Teams are also given the opportunity to comment on the initial rule draft in the Humanoid League Forum


1st [HSC]
Deadline for teams to comment on the initial rule draft

12th [HSC]
Release of the second draft of the rule book and detailed requirements for robot models by the Technical Committee

22nd [HSC]
The virtual environment and one demo robot model is released by the Technical Committee

29th [HSC]
Submission system opens


1st [HSC]
2nd draft for robot model specifications and robot-simulator-API
1st draft for server specifications for the virtual competition is released
Release of the third draft of the V-HSC rule book by the Technical Committee

12th [HSC/ HRD]
Team registration and submission deadline
Release of final robot model specifications

19th [HSC]
Release of the final version of the V-HSC rule book

23rd [HSC]
Teams need to submit a first version of the robot models for review

26th [HSC] (tentative date)
AutoRef software and schedule for the tournament is released by the Technical Committee


3rd [HSC]
Peer-review deadline for robot model files
Release of the final version of the robot-simulator-API specifications, and 2nd version of the server specifications for the virtual competition by the Technical Committee

7th [HSC]
Feedback on robot models is sent to teams by Technical Committee

23rd [HSC]
Teams need to submit a second version of the robot model


4th – 6th [HSC]
Mock competition to test the simulator and the infrastructure

22nd – 23rd [HSC]
Setup days during which teams can sign up for slots on the Tournament infrastructure to test their software.

24th – 27th [HSC]
RoboCup Competition