RoboCup 2022

The RoboCup 2022 Humanoid Soccer Competition and the Humanoid Research Demonstration will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, July 11 – 17, 2022.


Possible Balls for the competition:

Adidas Conext 21
Adidas Uniforia
Adidas Beau Jeu
Adidas Fracas
Adidas Tango 12
Adidas Europass
Adidas Jabulani
Adidas Jo’bulani
Adidas Brazuca
Adidas Brazuca Final Rio
Adidas Conext15
Adidas Conext15 Final Vancouver
Adidas Telstar 18
Adidas Telstar Mechta
Adidas Conext19
Adidas Tricolore 19
Adidas Al Rihla

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