Call for Participation

Call for Participation

Robocup 2009 Humanoid League

June 29 – July 5, 2009 (Graz, Austria)

The interested team must provide the following qualification material for evaluation to the technical committee of the humanoid robot league.

  1. Team Data:
    • team name
    • www home page of the team
    • name of team leader or team contact person
    • e-mail addreass of team leader or contact person
    • postal address of the team
    • competition class: kid or teen or both
  2. A video of a demonstration of sufficient skills of your team’s autonomous, soccer playing humanoid robots. Namely the following skills must be demonstrated in the video:
    • localization of unknown ball position,
    • walking ability towards the ball,
    • robot positioning at the ball for kicking,
    • kicking the ball towards the goal,
    • ability of getting up autonomously from a fall.

    The maximum duration of the video is 5 minutes. The video must be supplied as a link to it at YouTube. No video means no qualification.

  3. A team description paper which fully describes your humanoid robot system, your research interests and a summary of previous relevant work and publications. The paper must be concise and of 6 pages maximum. The TDP must be according to the LNCS format which can be downloaded from here. The paper must be submitted in PDF format.
  4. A one-page specification (PDF) for each different type of humanoid robot used by the team that includes the followings:
    • Robot picture
    • Robot name
    • Number of degrees of freedom
    • Type of motors
    • Computing unit
    • Camera
    • Sensors
    • Walking speed
    • Other specs

Deadline for submission: February 6, 2009

Announcement of qualified teams: February 23, 2009

The technical details on how and where to submit all qualifying material will be announced soon.

Technical and Organization Committees
of RoboCup Humanoid League 2009